00 gauge 6-foot high wall

00 gauge 6-foot high wall

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OO Gauge 6ft wall

30cm length

Product Description

OO Gauge 6-Foot High Wall

The 00 gauge 6-foot high wall kit, designed exclusively for railway modellers, is a remarkable replication of real-life structures. Laser cut and engraved from laser quality medium density fiberboard (MDF), this wall showcases meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The kit comprises of
2 x 30cm long brickwork etched sides
30cm 1mm grey board capping etched.
4 x end buttresses & capping.
4 x centre buttresses & capping.

You will require

PVA, roket glue. uhu or similar adhesive

sanding paper, moist towel, paints to suit.

With a length of 30cm, the wall’s scaled brickwork patterns are intricately etched into the MDF surface, resulting in a remarkably realistic texture. The laser cutting process ensures clean, precise edges, adding to the overall authenticity of the design. Each brick is delicately engraved, capturing the weathered and aged appearance found in actual walls.

Standing at a scale 6 feet tall, it becomes a prominent feature in your model train layout, evoking a sense of grandeur and realism. Its compact length of 30cm enables convenient placement within limited spaces, making it adaptable to layouts of various sizes.  Alterntively it can be cut to size or combined with further lengths.  It is supplied with butresses to disguise any joints.

For railway modelers seeking unparalleled accuracy and architectural charm, this laser-cut and engraved 00 gauge 6-foot high wall, crafted from MDF, is an essential addition that elevates the visual appeal of any railway diorama.






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