Cobalt-S Lever (6 Pack)

Cobalt-S Lever (6 Pack)

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A six pack of DCC Concepts Cobalt-S Signal Box Lever including all installation accessories.

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Product Description

DCC Concepts Cobalt-S Levers bring a sense of reality to the control of model railways. They are a substantial high quality product that is 140mm (5-1/2”) high, with a feel that has never been achieved before without long hours of skilled work on the modellers workbench. The footprint of the base is 60mm x 15mm.

The moving part is a solid brass lever with working locking catch that gives a real feeling of action when moved, with a solidity and purpose reminiscent of the real thing. Added detail parts are also supplied with every switch to allow you to recreate a realistic bank of levers, complete with etched brass numbering for each lever.

They have an incredible versatility: Incorporating one SPDT changeover switch for solenoid or momentary power contact operations and two make-before-break SPDT On-On changeover switches they can literally operate ANY electrical or electronic device that has ever been invented for use on a model railway…

Despite this ability the Cobalt-S is very easy to connect and understand. It is also a switch that will happily group together just like the prototype but also comes complete with a subtle added spacer for those with larger fingers.

There are simply NO limits, so you can create a local control position or recreate the classic major signal box of a large yard or city station.


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