Medievial City Gatehouse

Medievial City Gatehouse

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As part of our Medievial scenery set the  Medievial City Gatehouse is designed to compliment  City Wall kit.


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Medievial City Gatehouse

Unleash the allure of the past on your HO/OO gauge model railways with our exquisite 3D printed Medieval City Gatehouser in 1/76 scale! Step into a realm of knights and kings, where history meets craftsmanship in this stunning miniature masterpiece. Witness the intricate details of ancientCarchitecture come to life, as crenellations, turrets, and stone walls evoke the grandeur of a bygone era. Meticulously designed and printed, this tower is the perfect addition to your railway layout as a scenic background piece. Elevate your railway experience with this captivating medieval gem!

Intended to be painted and suitably weathered shades/ colours of plastic may vary.

As part of our Medievial scenery set the  Medievial City Gatehouser is designed to be combined with the City Wall Towers.

Medieval castles incorporated outer curtain walls around cities to fortify against large-scale attacks with the Castle Wall providing an additional line of defence before the Inner Castle keep. These walls secured the entire urban area, safeguarding inhabitants, resources, and trade routes. The outer defenses acted as a crucial buffer, delaying invaders’ progress towards the central castle keep, allowing defenders more time to organize and repel threats effectively.


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