Acrylic Front Panel

Acrylic Front Panel

Acrylic front panel example from the Brompton Grove range

Ever wanted a smart looking front panel, switches and LEDs all lined up, with professional lettering?

Flexxgenix Ltd have just released a fully cusomisable acrylic front panel upgrade to their popular 100 and 150mm control panel boxes. This front panel is manufactured from precision laser cut white acrylic. The acrylic front panel is attached to the controlpanel box using six M3 screws with washers.

The design is etched into the rear of the panel and recess infilled with acrylic paint. This method produces a pattern visable from the front so the front surface remains smooth and professioanl. Cut outs for switches and indicators are aligned by CAD and precision laser technology. Text, markings and logos can also be included on the design. This technique provides the opportunity to incorporate several different colours.

A sketch or drawing of the panel design should be attached to an email at the time the order is made (either jpg, png, pdf or cdr format). Our designers will assess and review the proposed design so that we can ensure it fits on the panel. Any necessary changes or suggested alterations will be agreed by email before manufacturing.

One of our favourite Model Railway Youtube channels, McKinley Railway, recently published two very informative videos on their front panel designs, here is the link to the first one. Similarly using reverse engraved acylic our front panels can accomdate the flush finished discussed in these videos.

A front panel like this will impress your friends and club colleagues and will boost the professional appearance of your layout.