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Bespoke model railway mimic panels are an essential feature of any model railway layout. These panels enable operators to control and monitor train movements by providing a visual representation of the track layout, signaling, and train locations. Mimic panels can be made to any size or shape and can be tailored to match the specific[…]
Thinking about an engraved front panel? Well I thought I would write a series of blog entries of considerations, ideas and concepts  about realising what you visualise. This series will cover the impact of different types of components through to the style and representation of graphics on the panel itself. Part 1. So you have[...]

Acrylic Front Panel

Ever wanted a smart looking front panel, switches and LEDs all lined up, with professional lettering? Flexxgenix Ltd have just released a fully cusomisable acrylic front panel upgrade to their popular 100 and 150mm control panel boxes. This front panel is manufactured from precision laser cut white acrylic. The acrylic front panel is attached to[…]
Our Magnetic Modellers Clamps can be purchased in individual pairs or as a boxed set from our web site. Scale Modeller Magnetic Clamps/ Magnetic Modellers Clamps are essential for scale model card or mdf building to hold edges together while glue sets. We supply various sizes upto and including a box set. They continue to[…]
How Flexxgenix was born… I can’t beleive that its been over a year since we started Flexxgenix Ltd. So much has been happened looking back I can scaresly believe how much has changed. I always wanted to include a blog page to the website as a means of letting you know what was happening with[…]