GMC-CDU Gaugemaster Capacitor Discharge Unit

GMC-CDU Gaugemaster Capacitor Discharge Unit

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GMC-CDU Gaugemaster Capacitor Discharge Unit for operating heavy duty point motors

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Product Description

GMC-CDU Gaugemaster Capacitor Discharge Unit for operating heavy duty point motors

The Gaugemaster Capacitor Discharge Unit stores up power in capacitors and when a point motor is actuated, discharges in one big punch giving the point motor a firm and positive switching action. Connected to points via switches or probe and studs. Prevents burnt out motors.

Input: 16v to 24v A.C. at a maximum of 2.5 amps

Why use a CDU

A “CDU” in the context of model railways typically refers to a “Capacitor Discharge Unit.” A CDU is an electronic device used to provide a burst of power to the turnout (switch) motors, particularly those with solenoid-based mechanisms. Here’s why a CDU is commonly used:

Reliability: Turnout motors, especially older solenoid-based ones, often require a sudden burst of power to operate reliably. Without this burst, they might fail to throw the turnout, resulting in derailments or other operational issues. A CDU ensures that there’s always enough power for the turnout motor to operate effectively.

Prevention of Electrical Interference: When you throw a turnout, it requires a significant amount of current. This sudden demand can cause electrical interference on your layout, affecting other trains and accessories. A CDU helps to mitigate this by providing the extra current locally rather than drawing it from the main power bus.

Reduced Wear and Tear: Using a CDU can reduce wear and tear on your turnout motors. By providing a quick burst of power, the motor doesn’t have to strain for an extended period, potentially extending its lifespan.

Smooth Operation: Capacitor discharge units can provide a smoother, more consistent operation of turnouts compared to direct power from the main bus, particularly on layouts with complex track configurations or where multiple turnouts are thrown simultaneously.

In summary, a CDU is a useful accessory on a model railway because it enhances the reliability and smooth operation of turnout motors while reducing potential electrical interference and wear on the equipment.


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