Narrow Diorama Model Railway Baseboard

Narrow Diorama Model Railway Baseboard

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Product Description

This MDF Model display plinth can be used as a Micro Narrow Diorama Baseboard or Programming Track board, a presentation or photographic aid or micro layout extension.  These Micro boards can be easily stored, transported, work as a stand-alone display or more permanently affixed to an existing layout.  Uses can include a small flat area in an existing layout, a fiddle yard extension, programming, switch panel or troubleshooting board.

What’s more they are modular and come with alternative ends and fixings to join with other boards in our range or our soon to be released control panel and shelf units.  Join two or more units together to increase your run by 400mm each time. Each module is supplied with one fixing set which comprises 2 x M6 bolts, 2x M6 spring washer, 4 x M6 washer and 2 x M6 wing nut.  Additional fixing sets are available as a seperate option.

Alternatively inverted these MDF Micro Narrow Diorama Baseboard modules are excellent as a tidy tray when working with small parts and tools or making jewellery.

With portability in mind this is a must have when trying out new skills and ideas away from your main layout such as ballasting, point work, electrics or scenery building.

Maybe you just want to display something you have built or a new locomotive or stock on a shelf or for photography.  These plinths will provide you with a robust base upon which to base your scene design and ideas.

The micro baseboards are laser cut from 4mm MDF and will require PVA or similar to glue together.

MDF Micro Narrow Diorama Baseboard sizes:

Option 1

  • Length 400mm x Height 44mm x Width 150mm

Option 2

  • Length 400mm x Height 44mm x Width 100mm

Option 3

  • Length 600mm x Height 44mm x Width 175mm

Option 4

  • Length 600mm x Height 44mm x Width 175mm but with 150mm backscene

Bespoke Services

We offer a bespoke services and customisation of this product and are very keen to support hobbyists with any specific requirements at minimal cost.

If you have a particular requirement we can modify the basic plinth; for instance holes for switches or engraving with symbols, words or logos..

We use precision laser cutting/ engraving which is is a great way to ensure cut outs are accurate, aligned and equi-distanced, especially if your requirement is for a irregular shape.

We work all designs through with you agreeing drafts.  Depending on the amount of change to the original design there may be an additional cost but this would be agreed before starting any work.

Just send an enquiry via email and one of our design team will be in touch.

Dimensions N/A

400mm x 100mm, 400mm x 150mm, 175mm X 600mm, 175mm X 600mm with 150mm backscene, Additional M6 Fixing Set


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